Sunday, March 19, 2006

CARE Wants To Help Schools

Part of what CARE, Child Abuse Protection Requires Education, goals are, is to be able to go into schools and see what they are doing in teaching children about sexual abuse.

I would like to ask for this opportunity to due this in your school. What I do when I go into schools is to talk with health teachers and school officials to discuss the things that the school is now doing to educate their children about sexual abuse. Also to discuss if needed, what CARE can do to improve on how they teach sexual abuse in school.

I (Larry Kramer) would like to be able to come into schools and tell the children of my experience with sexual abuse. Explain to the children how it personally has affected my life. The regrets that I how have for not coming forward with what happened to me for so long. So they can see why it so important that they come forward with their own experience of sexual abuse. Also hoping that by hearing about sexual abuse from someone who personally went through it, it will remove enough the fear and quilt to be able to come forward and report what happened or is happening to them.

If you would like me to come into your school and allow me to see if I could improve your teaching of sexual abuse and/or coming into your school and talking with your children, please contact me. I certainly would welcome the chance to be able to do this for you and your school. But more importantly, I would love to be able to do this for your children's protection!

Contact me in manner of your choice.

Address: 6233 County Road 105 Byron, MN 55920
Email Address:
Phone #: Hm 507-775-6454 Cell # 507-208-0614

Thank you for the opportunity to help improve the safety of your children!

Larry Kramer
Founder @ President of CARE
Child Abuse Protection Requires Education


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