Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mission Statement

My name is Larry Kramer, founder of CARE. I would like to start off with why I have created this organization “Child Abuse Protection Requires Education” “CARE”. I was a victim of sexual abuse by a Catholic Priest when I was young. I buried this, and never told anyone for many years. In 2002, as the Catholic Church Scandal broke, I fell into deep depression. My wife told me, she was leaving me unless I got help.
I went and got help. As I am going through the healing process, I realized that I needed to do something to keep this happening to other children. I could no longer sit back and do nothing and hope someone else will take up this cause. I checked out other organizations, but I could not find one that fit as to what I see as the biggest and most effective form of greatly reducing, and possible stopping sexual abuse of our children. CARE was formed by what I see as the best chance of saving our children from sexual abuse, and from all forms of abuse.

The mission of CARE is to “Teach & Educate” children and adults about sexual abuse, as to take the fear and intimidation away from the children and put it in the hands of the abusers.

CARE wants children to fully understand that no one, no matter what power he or she has or holds, has the right to violate their bodies. We want to teach all adults how to recognize all the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse.
By accomplishing this, we will greatly reduce or even elimitate sexual abuse of our children.

To do this CARE will:

1st CARE along with the help of professional support will be going into schools, churches, religious education, daycares, etc, to find out what they are now doing to educate children about sexual abuse. Then advise them on what changes need to be made to improve the education of sexual abuse.

2nd CARE along with the help of professional support will be going into the same schools, churches, religious education, daycares, etc, and help improve thee ways they teach and educate the children. Tell them of real experiences of sexual abuse, and how it has affected our lives.

3rd CARE believes that enable to get children to completely understand and to help them relieve the fear that they have, is to hear about it often. They need to hear it repeatedly. They need to hear it in the manner that they can understand, and in a message they will listen to.
To accomplish this CARE will create advertising that will be seen and heard everywhere. It will be on and in television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. It will be taught everywhere children are, and in everything that they are doing.

Donations: CARE is a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to accomplish any and all our goals Your generous contribution to this wonderful cause will help save some innocent child from going through the affects of this lifelong struggle and affects from sexual abuse. It just may be your child that you save. Your donation will be tax deductible.
Donations can be sent to:
Care, Child Abuse Protection Requires Education, 6233 County Road 105, Byron MN. 55920

Thank you
Larry Kramer
Founder @ President of CARE
Child Abuse Protection Requires Education


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